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Hoboken Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

An Efficient And Cost-Effective Solution

Too many people who get divorced are led down the path of litigation. If you default to a system that is designed to adjudicate, then you will likely find yourself solving matters in a court of law.

The attorneys at Lofaro & Headley, LLC, understand that many couples determine that while ending their marriage is sad, it's the best decision for everyone involved. If you and your spouse agree on the main issues that are part of every divorce settlement, you can save money, time and a lot of emotional wear and tear by opting for an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorces allow individuals to keep more control over the important decisions that must be made, such as custody, parenting time and child support. By finding common ground on these key issues, you make the final decision together rather than relinquish them to a family court judge.

Uncontested divorce does not mean there are no disagreements. Some people incorrectly assume that uncontested divorce will not work for couples who disagree on issues. We help couples find common ground through negotiation and compromise.

Jersey City Divorce Mediation Lawyer

It is important to understand that an uncontested divorce is still a legal procedure that must be approved by the court. Even in uncontested divorces, selecting an experienced, knowledgeable divorce attorney is important.

We have helped clients who didn't originally plan on seeking an uncontested divorce understand how to achieve one. In order for an uncontested divorce to be approved, you and your spouse must sign an agreement that resolves key issues, including:

  • Marital assets and property division
  • Debt allocation
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Spousal support and child support

We will help you complete all of the necessary legal documents and present them to the court. We also help you calculate child support following guidelines established by the state of New Jersey or by taking advantage of the flexibility that an uncontested divorce allows.

Both spouses do not need an attorney in order to complete an uncontested divorce. It is important to emphasize, however, that a lawyer can only represent one individual in a divorce settlement.

Have Your Questions About Uncontested Divorce Answered

We understand that instead of drawing out a divorce by arguing over every detail, many couples hope to agree to terms, sign the necessary documents and get on with their lives.

If you have questions about uncontested divorce or any family law matter, our Hoboken uncontested divorce lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Call 201-467-4020 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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