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Preventing Foreclosure Is Possible

One reason many people postpone initiating bankruptcy proceedings is the misguided notion that they will lose all their assets, including their home and car. With proper planning, you can stop foreclosure, keep many of your assets and pay less to creditors.

It is important, however, to retain the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney or you may lose your right to discharge debts altogether. At the law office of Lofaro & Headley, LLC, in Hoboken, New Jersey, we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses navigate the complicated bankruptcy process in order to reclaim their financial lives.

If you have missed mortgage payments and cannot immediately make the payments you have missed, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best solution for holding on to your home. We can work with your lender to obtain a loan modification.

Resolve Your Debt Problems And Stay In Your Home

If you are on the brink of filing bankruptcy but hold out hope that you can resolve your financial situation some other way, it is still a good idea to have our experienced lawyers review your case. Your possessions are protected from being seized immediately upon filing for bankruptcy.

By involving us early, we can help, stop or prevent:

  • Repossession of your car or other property
  • Harassing phone calls and other debt collection actions
  • Garnishment of your wages

Once a wage garnishment has been ordered, it occurs automatically, leaving you with few options for dealing with the situation. Employers are informed of the garnishment in order for the wages to be taken, and many individuals may experience some embarrassment as their debts become known.

Call Today For Experienced Legal Advice

We provide a comforting environment in which you can straighten out your financial life. We understand how unforeseen circumstances can create unavoidable financial difficulty. We are focused on your future.

You can get answers to many of your questions about bankruptcy and what assets you can protect during a free consultation with our lawyers — the same lawyers who will work with you from start to finish to resolve your case. Call 201-467-4020 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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