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Compassionate Guidance For Your Child Custody Case

The primary concern for most parents in divorce is the impact it will have on their children. The attorneys at Lofaro & Headley, LLC, in Hoboken, New Jersey, can help you establish a custody plan that is in the best interests of your children while protecting your parental rights.

Our firm is experienced in helping parents respectfully resolve their child custody legal issues, including establishing parenting time and a fair visitation schedule. We understand how emotional and difficult it is for parents to work through custody issues, and we are here to help.

Working Together Toward A Solution

Most parents wish to create their own custody plan and stay out of the courtroom. The ultimate goal is that both parents are able to maintain a healthy relationship with their kids. We find that the vast majority of our clients are able to resolve their differences in a civil manner, and they are thankful that they did so.

New Jersey family law courts prefer family law mediation as an alternative to conventional divorce litigation and frequently require couples to go through mediation. Using the mediation process offers both parties the opportunity to settle outstanding issues between them and avoid the costly and time-consuming processes of family court. Our lawyers will provide professional legal advice during the mediation process.

We Help Modify Custody Orders

If circumstances change for you or the child’s other parent, including moving farther away or one parent becoming alienated or unfit as a parent, we can help you alter his or her child custody and visitation arrangements through modifications made in the best interest of your family.

New Jersey law dictates that two types of custody be determined:

  • Legal custody — which parent will have — or how both parents will share — the decision-making responsibilities and authority relating to health, education and welfare of the child.
  • Physical custody — where the child will live and go to school. Typically, one parent is designated the parent of primary residence (PPR) and the other is designated the parent of alternate residence (PAR).

Our experienced lawyers have a proven track record of successfully negotiating custody plans without the need to go to court. By working with couples to develop a workable plan, we help parents keep more control over these important decisions rather than put them in the hands of a family court judge.

However, if a fair custody plan cannot be reached through negotiation, we will advocate for you in court and make sure your view is accurately represented.

Don’t Wait; Call Our Office Today

We offer a free consultation in which we can answer many of your questions about child custody and other divorce issues. Call 201-467-4020 or email us to schedule an appointment with the same experienced family law attorneys who will work on your case.