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Diving Your Assets Requires Legal Guidance

Equitable distribution is the process that New Jersey courts use to divide marital assets and liabilities in a divorce. It is important to note that the term “equitable distribution” does not literally mean equal division of marital assets. Equitable distribution requires that assets and earnings accumulated during marriage or a civil union be divided fairly, or “equitably,” but not necessarily equally.

At Lofaro & Headley, LLC, our experienced family law attorneys protect your interests regarding equitable division of assets and debts. We work hard to resolve tough issues in a divorce as fairly and efficiently as possible. Whether you expect an amicably negotiated agreement, or a drawn-out dispute over your marital assets, we have the resources to prepare the strongest case possible and advocate on your behalf in court if necessary.

Don’t discount the importance of marital assets. Although property division may not be your greatest concern in this stressful time, it can have a significant impact on your future. Defending your interests now can prevent serious future regrets.

What Needs To Be Divided?

The court evaluates all the components of a marriage — both financial and non-financial — when considering equitable distribution of assets. Domestic activities and emotional support are essential to maintaining the marriage, as are economic factors.

Assets and debts that are considered in the process include property valuation, second mortgages and refinancing. There may be retirement and savings or pension plans to consider, plus big-ticket items like homes, financial portfolios and motor vehicles. We can help you identify premarital property so it is not factored into the distribution of assets.

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