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Determining Child Support Can Be Difficult; We Can Help

Child support is the amount of money one parent must pay the other to care for the basic needs of his or her children. All parents in New Jersey, whether married or unmarried, are obligated to contribute to the support of their children. How much they contribute is based upon a formula established by the state and explained in the New Jersey child support guidelines.

The experienced family law attorneys at Lofaro & Headley, LLC, in Hoboken, New Jersey, can help you navigate the complex child support laws and other family-related legal needs. If you are the recipient of child support payments, we ensure that you receive the full amount you deserve to maintain the lifestyle your children had before your divorce. If you are paying support, we protect you from overpayment.

What Does The Court Consider?

When awarding child support, the court considers the following factors:

  • The needs and age of the child
  • The standard of living, sources of income and assets of each parent
  • Each parent’s earning ability (level of education, work experience, skills or training), responsibility for children (including child care and time and money for additional education, training and experience)
  • The child’s educational needs (including college or any other higher education)
  • The income and earning capacity of the child
  • Prior support orders for other children
  • The reasonable debts and liabilities of each parent and child
  • Any other relevant facts

It is important to remember that child support in New Jersey is the right of the child, not the parent. If you are not receiving court-ordered child support payments, we will go to court to enforce payment. We have specialists who can accurately assess the income of a self-employed individual or entrepreneur, or uncover hidden assets that a parent may not have declared.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

If circumstances change that impact the financial needs of your children, we can help you obtain a child support modification. Call our office at 201-467-4020 or email us to schedule a free consultation with our Hoboken child support lawyers.