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Knowledgeable Representation For Your Real Estate Needs

If you have a real estate matter in New Jersey or New York City in need of legal assistance, our attorneys can diagnose the situation and help you find resolution. With experience throughout Hudson County, Manhattan and Northern New Jersey, our Hoboken real estate lawyers provide efficient and effective solutions to our clients concerned with residential, commercial and landlord-tenant law matters.

We Put You First

At Lofaro & Headley, LLC, best interests and your successful outcome are important to us. We understand the immediate needs and the long-term goals of a diverse clientele in a variety of differentiated urban and suburban settings. We have more than 15 years of experience in real estate law, and we have represented all possible parties on either side of transactions and disputes, including:

  • Homeowners
  • Business owners
  • Retail chain stores
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Condo associations
  • Co-ops
  • Contractors
  • Construction firms
  • Small and large developers
  • Condo conversion developers
  • Real estate agents

We ensure that contracts are legal and fair, lease and purchase agreements are in order, property disputes can be resolved favorably, and all applicable real estate and construction laws are followed.

Individualized Attention To Your Case

Our attorneys are able to handle any real estate or construction dispute you might come across. Renovations, restorations and remodeling jobs are a common occurrence in the city. However, each job is very different, and each job can bring up a number of unforeseen issues. Contractors often get in disputes with property owners who cannot pay their bills. Subcontractors sometimes need help collecting from contractors. Tenants may take issue with work their landlord is performing on the property they inhabit.

In Hoboken, population density is 50,000 people per square mile. With people living and working so closely together, property lines, water damage and noise disturbances can become legal issues.

We keep up to date on even the most minor changes in the law. Regardless of your real estate matter’s complexity, we can help you find resolution. Our knowledge and skills are developed in several areas, including:

  • Commercial real estate, including office buildings, hotels and multifamily housing
  • Residential real estate, such as your place of residence
  • Landlord/tenant matters, protecting your rights and your building
  • Real estate financing, regardless of your investment
  • Buying, selling, leasing, renting any property
  • Construction, renovation, remodeling and restoration on any property

Call Today For More Information

Call our office at 201-467-4020 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation. We can help you follow through on your best option with confidence. Our office hours for Hoboken and Manhattan appointments are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with evening and weekend appointments available upon request.

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